4 Benefits Of On-Premise Laundry Machines

Whether a hospital, college, or hair salon, linen quality is important. Laundry needs are never-ending as things need to be kept regularly clean. But damaged items don’t inspire patron confidence.

Therefore, businesses need on-premise laundry equipment for their demanding needs. No matter the industry, there are several benefits:

Save Money

No two businesses are alike. There’s no cookie-cutter solution to laundry machines for businesses. An on-premises laundry machine helps save money.

There are programmable machines that don’t put as much demand on the system. It’s also possible to operate them at night, using less water and lower temperatures. Some even come with a pre-soak cycle, which gets dirty linen cleaner faster. 

If linen needs cleaning every day, these machines save a significant amount of money. On-premises laundry costs are significantly lower than sending things out to be cleaned. 

Save Time

On-premise laundry guarantees a faster turnaround time. This is simply because there’s no more waiting for the cleaning service to deliver the laundry.

They also make it easy to do larger loads in shorter times. For instance, an OPL operation is great for restaurants. It allows them to use the same linen several times during the same day. This is more efficient than letting dirty linen sit and waiting for the laundry service to come to get it.

An added benefit to washing several times during the day is that it reduces the linen needed onsite. This saves space and opens up more capital to use elsewhere. 

Increase The Longevity Of Linens & Maintain Quality Control

Having an on-premises laundry machine makes it easy to address any stains before they set in. Some commercial laundry services can process linens in 24 hours. But this still means they won’t get to the stain as quickly as an on-site facility can. 

In-house laundry gives operators considerably more control over the entire process. In terms of quality control, this ensures patrons have access to clean linen.

Having an on-site laundry also allows for adding specialized equipment, such as the WashOzone™ Laundry System. Helping make chemicals more efficient, WashOzone also improves the cleanliness of items washed and can help extend linen life. 

It’s also possible to train laundry staff to reach a certain standard of quality. Trained staff also increases the efficiency of the machines. This decreases operational costs.

Use The Right Equipment

Manufacturers build on-premise laundry machines for continuous use. They can take a beating and handle the toughest stains. There’s no worry about replacing these powerful machines in a year or two. 

Innovations in on-premises laundry machines make them easy to operate and program. They come with easy-to-read panels, manuals, and buttons. 

For instance, it’s best to wash towels and blankets in different settings. This ensures thorough cleaning. These functions work together to communicate what is going on with each cycle. These new machines can practically run themselves.

When linen quality is important, on-premises laundry equipment is the best choice. It ensures quality cleaning and saves time and money.

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