Planning for Laundry Success in 2022

Planning for Laundry Success in 2022The commercial laundry industry can prove to be quite profitable to facility owners who know the industry well enough to make the most of their opportunities, but you cannot just buy a building, put in some machines, and open the doors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Success in laundry operations only comes with vigilance — you must have your finger on the pulse of your establishment.

Some secrets to success in commercial laundry are age-old, like being open during the hours your services are most needed and maintaining your building so that it's not an off-putting place to enter. But there is a lot more to think about if you want to make the up to 35% ROI that's available in the laundry business. Here are some ideas to consider.

Differentiate Your Facility With a Unique Hybrid Business

You must figure out how to make your laundromat stand out — you want them to come in, and then, you want them to keep coming back. What better way is there to do that than with a laundromat that has a whole other business in it. It could be a hair salon or barbershop, a mobile phone screen repair shop, a tire shop — just ask yourself what a lot of people need often, and there you have it. You could even expand your laundry business into a hybrid with a dry cleaner.

Purchase Modern Equipment to Increase Your Revenue

Modern laundry equipment is more energy-efficient, not only saving you money but also, saving the environment. These newer machines can be programmed remotely over Wi-Fi. so owners can remotely monitor and program their machines. 

Some machines allow you to set their pricing by cycle and further, by day and time of day, so you can set hot cycles at higher prices than cold and charge less when there are traditionally lulls in business to help fill up the empty machines. After all, empty machines aren't making you any money. 

Set Up Your Own Loyalty Program to Create Return Customers

Use cards or even an app of some kind to create your own loyalty program. You can do it in whatever way you'd like. You only need a bit of information from a customer to sign them up, and you can offer them perks like foreknowledge of times when prices will be lowered and eligibility to win a giveaway once a month of, say, a basket of laundry supplies.

Use Technology to Keep Up With Your Customers' Needs

If you have a commercial laundromat, you know you need to have decent Wi-Fi, but what other technology do you need? Credit card readers are becoming more and more vital to laundromat owners, as the world moves toward a cashless society. Customers can do things like learning when the laundromat is open and paying for their laundry ahead of time through the use of mobile apps. Get that modern laundry equipment, some of which is digital and very easy to use. Keep up with our digital world.

These are just a few tips. A few others are:

  • Host a daily "Happy Hour" during your slowest hour
  • Maintain your machines well to avoid repair costs
  • Use shut-off timers in the bathroom sinks to save on utility costs (modern equipment will go a long way)
  • Use timed paper towel dispensers to save on costs
  • Hire a supervisor to help people, clean the laundromat, and serve as security during "open" hours
  • Offer laundry services: Wash, dry, and fold — Pickup and delivery

A privately-owned laundromat can be a serious money-making endeavor. As a matter of fact, it has more potential to be profitable than many other small businesses. However, success in commercial laundry doesn't come without thought. Keep on your toes. Keep up with trends in laundry, people, and technology, and you can make yourself a name.

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