5 Essential Commercial Laundry Maintenance Tips

Commercial laundry equipment is like a car. It needs to be maintained and serviced in order to operate at its fullest potential. When operators fail to implement a maintenance regimen, downtime and equipment replacement can become costly.

When you boil it all down, there are five essential steps to maintaining well-working commercial laundry equipment, and we're going to walk through those now.

1. Develop a plan.

The first thing an operator should do is refer to equipment operating instructions to consider an overall cleaning and maintenance plan. This includes schedules and timelines as to what needs to be done, and when. Make sure documentation is part of the process so you have great records of what's been done and what needs to be done.

2. Keep the outside clean.

Appearances matter. Nobody wants to put clothes into a dirty-looking washer or dryer, so make sure to commit to cleaning the exterior of your equipment. This includes removing any spilled detergent or soap.

3. Keep the inside clean.

It's even more important to keep the inside of every machine as clean as possible. Make sure soap dispensers are free of debris and buildup that can form from soaps and powders.

4. Get the lint out.

For dryers, one of the easiest ways to make them slow and inefficient is to leave lint inside the units. Make sure to inspect lint traps at a regular basis to ensure high-functioning equipment.

5. Check hoses and connections.

Water can have some of the biggest harmful effects on your laundry equipment. It's important to inspect both entry points and exit points to make sure there aren't leaks or points of scaling and buildup. This includes inspecting filter screens.

Want to learn more about some basic best practices for maintaining your laundry equipment? Schedule an assessment with a laundry expert at Garment Machinery Company.

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