4 Ways to Make Your Rental Property's Laundry Facility a Success

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For most tenants, having a reliable, convenient, and clean on-site laundry facility is a deal-maker when choosing where to live. By providing tenants with a valuable service, property owners can not only ensure their tenants stay loyal, but can also add a side-stream of revenue. Here are a few things to keep in mind for anyone considering creating or updating the on-premises laundry facilities in their apartment or rental property:

Safety and Cleanliness of Facilities

Property managers will need to come up with a plan for regular cleaning and sanitation of the apartment laundry room and removal of trash, which can build up quickly. No one wants to clean their clothes in a place that looks dirty. Lighting should be bright and burned-out bulbs regularly replaced. A coat of paint will make the room look appealing. Checking lint traps frequently is a must. If tenants must use outside steps to get to the washers and dryers, make sure concrete is in good repair and steps are de-iced in winter, as it is easy for tenants to trip when carrying a laundry basket.

Ease of Access

Even more important to tenants than modern features is the ability to easily access a washing machine and dryer when they need it. In other words, how many machines are there, and how far do I have to carry the heavy baskets? Property managers should ensure there are enough machines to meet demand and should consider placement as well. Does it make sense to have one or two big laundry rooms or several smaller ones spread throughout the complex? Are you using laundry bases on the bottom of washers to raise them up, making them easier to access so customers aren't straining to insert and remove laundry?

Remember, if tenants get frustrated, they will just go to a nearby coin laundry where they can often get several washers and dryers at one time. 

Building Good Relationships

Avoid sources of potential conflict by clearly posting laundry hours if you have them and guidelines for tenants to follow, such as a procedure for when someone leaves laundry in a machine for a long time. Make sure there is enough table space for the folding of clothes. Adding a bulletin board where community news can be posted will give tenants an opportunity for small talk, which can build positive relationships.

Age and Features of Machines

Traditional coin-operated laundry is still a viable option, but many commercial laundry machines today have smartcard capabilities. Residents can add value to their card, usually with cash at a machine that can be placed indoors by an office to deter theft. Some machines allow tenants to pay with credit cards. There are even laundry management software programs available that allow tenants to see what machines are available on-site and where their laundry is in its cycle. Keep in mind that machines with that level of sophistication also have features for property managers as well, such as creating reports to track expenses and help set prices.

If the property already has laundry machines but they're aging, another reason to consider updating them besides the attractive features that are now available is simply the fact that newer machines will be more energy-efficient and have less downtime for repairs. This will save money and add to tenants' satisfaction as well. 

Make Your Rental Properties More Profitable with Coin Laundry 

In the end, a satisfied tenant is a happy and loyal tenant. An ample, up-to-date, clean laundry room is a win-win for both tenants and property owners. Happy tenants using coin laundry in your facility will lead to a more profitable laundry operation.

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