Welcome to the New Garment Machinery Company

Welcome to the new Garment Machinery Company. As part of our growth and evolution, we've undergone a digital transformation so we can better provide the information you need to solve your unique challenges and to become more profitable.

The coin and on-premise laundry equipment industry is alive and well. When we began our business back in 1939, we didn't have nearly the same innovations as we have today, but the goal is still the same -- to make the laundry business an efficient and profitable one for our customers. We hope the accessibility and the information provided on our new website will help.

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Garment Machinery has a long history in the industry, and with a third-generation owner and operator who knows the industry, we've carved out a series of six solutions to help operators realize the current innovations and put them to use.

The Six Ways Garment Machinery Can Help

Coin Laundry Equipment Solutions

We know that sometimes it takes more than just a little online research in order to meet your challenges. Sometimes it helps to speak with someone who can help analyze your situation, communicate with you on a few different solutions, and then provide the right information you need to help make the decision on your own.

We developed a free Laundry Room Assessment to help laundry operators make some of these hard choices. Whether you're looking for a brand new battery of machines to help increase operational efficiency or you want to reduce energy spend or if you're simply looking to replace outdated equipment, we invite you to schedule a free Laundry Room Assessment with us today.


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