Finding the Right Location To Open A Laundromat

There are many things to consider when going into the coin laundry business. One of the most important things, the location, not only helps out with getting customers but can also help when you're considering selling your business later down the line. There are a variety of things to consider that may have an impact on helping you find the right location to open a laundromat. 

So what should you be considering and thinking about when trying to find a location for a coin laundromat?


The amount of traffic you get is going to influence how busy your laundry is. Are there sideways for people to walk on? Are you on the main street or a side street in a shopping plaza that few frequent and is desolate? Is there public transportation nearby for customers to access? All of this will help determine how easy people find it to be to come into your business. 

High Visibility 

Signage on the building, large clean windows, and a sign on the street are all ways that people will be able to establish that a laundromat is inside. This is especially important for people driving or riding by. Does the location you selected require standardized signage that looks exactly like all the other tenants or can your sign be distinctive to draw attention to it? Also being able to put your coin laundry's name on a street sign is a big plus to get more visibility. 

Parking Spots

Your building should have plenty of parking spaces available for your customers. They should also be fairly close to the door since people are coming and going with large containers of clothes. 

Location, Location, Location 

Coin laundromats that are located near large anchor points, such as grocery stores, box stores, and home improvement stores are more likely to be patronized over laundry in shopping centers with few tenants and less appeal. 

Do Your Research 

Also, make sure that you're doing your due diligence and researching the neighborhood to be sure it's safe, gets good street traffic, and is approachable both day and night. 

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