Do You Know the Benefits of an Ozone Water System for Laundry?

When people think of ozone, they typically think of gas or the atmosphere. For laundry operators, though, there are great benefits to considering an ozone water system that will result in significant cost savings.

Ozone is essentially a configuration of oxygen existing in the form of gas. It's commonly associated with protecting us from the harmful, ultraviolet of the sun, but in reality, it's one of the strongest and most effective oxidizing agents at killing bacteria. It also has no significant negative or environmentally harmful characteristics.

This is why it can be so effective in water for laundry operators. It actually oxidizes and kills bacteria at rates that are thousands of times faster than more harmful alternatives like chlorine.

So how does this relate to laundry, and what are the benefits?

There's a powerful product called Washozone that cleans linens using an environmentally friendly method that can drastically reduce energy and water consumption. Washozone uses an ozone generator that connects to a washer through an injection rod and a control wire. Water is charged with the required amount of ozone during both the wash and rinse cycles.

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This results in the ability to decrease the number of wash cycles required to clean laundry, leading to an average return on investment of about 12 months depending on volume and local utility rates. The prime savings is energy reduction of over 70 percent with water usage dropping by about 25 percent and reduced waste water by about 20 percent. 


With Washozone, operators can reduce or eliminate water heating costs, cut down on water usage, and use chemicals more efficiently. This not only reduces environmental impact but also reduces the cost of operation.

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